Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT Global Mediacom Tbk

The Company realizes one of its missions through CSR, which is to enhance its corporate values and improve the country’s social welfare. With MNC Group as the frontrunner of the media industry, and the holding company puts thoughtful emphasis on integrating the needs of society with the business, so both parties can build a healthy synergy.

MNC Peduli is the social brand that defines the Company’s social responsibility activities that focus on infrastructure, education, sports and social service. On top of the activities implemented directly by the Company, social activities are also implemented through the foundation established by the Company, CSR activities.

The foundation conducts activities that support underprivileged communities to gain access to medical procedures for patients with cleft lips, hernia, and cataracts. It also provides hearing aids for the deaf, and conducts fund raising activities through television, radio, newspapers and online media to aid victims of natural disasters.

In 2019, MNC Peduli engaged in the following social responsibility activities:


  • Blood donor activities for MNC Group employees at MNC Center, MNC Studios and MNC Vision Tower
  • Free social examinations and treatment in Tangerang, Banten, Bogor, Serang and Tasik for free.
  • Free eye examination in the framework of MNCTV Anniversary in Bantar Gebang - Tangerang.
  • Talkshow about eye health and free eye examinations in Jakarta.
  • Health seminar "Neurological Pain due for Smartphone" and health examination for MNC Group in Kebon Sirih, Jakarta


  • Construction of a rural bridge in Cipluk Village, Kendal - East Java.
  • Clean water program in Wonorejo Village and Kebon Gembong Village, Kendal - Central Java.
  • Assistance with 1 unit of car and construction of space for a shelter in Solo.
  • Motorboat assistance for 30 units in Banten, 11 units in Serang and 4 units in Manado for fishermen affected by natural disasters.
  • Assistance in making water channel grilles in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.
  • Construction of Baiturrahman Mosque in Kaliyoso Hamlet, Kendal - Central Java.
  • Painting and construction of houses in Bogor and Tangerang.
  • Assistance for the construction of clean water facilities, toilets and social services in Baduy, Ciboleger.
  • Inauguration of the building activities in Legok Muncang village, Bogor with assistance in the form of road repairs, bridge repairs, lighting lamps, prayer rooms, tree planting, and health education.
  • Construction of a suspension bridge and 60 pairs of shoes for school children in Cigobang-Cirebon.


  • Trauma healing camp program for victims of the tsunami disaster in Banten.
  • Providing assistance to victims of the Sunda Strait Tsunami disaster in Pandeglang, Banten.
  • Watercolor painting training at the Orphanage, Central Jakarta
  • Providing free UHT milk to several schools and orphanages in the Jakarta and Bogor areas.
  • Play with 30 children with cancer in one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta.
  • THR contribution to the MNC Studios security team 2019.
  • Donation of reading books, trampolines and free shows of MNC Vision for street children in Lebak Bulus, Jakarta.
  • Aid for fire victims in Manggarai-Jakarta in the form of clothing and mineral water.
  • A contribution for joint fishing activities to enliven the MNC Group's 29th Anniversary.
  • Contribution to the strong tradition of Singkup Village, Cirebon.
  • Camp activities with 100 orphans in South Tangerang.
  • Providing computer and stationery assistance in several schools in Bogor, Pandeglang and Muara Gembong – Bekasi.
  • English and Mathematics Training for elementary school children in Panimbang-Pandeglang.
  • Tree planting and distribution of 8,000 tree seedlings for fun walk participants in the framework of MNC Group's 30th Anniversary.
  • Distribution of 2,225 tree seedlings, tree planting and symbolic distribution of fish seeds and distribution of stationery for children at Sungai Ciliwung School, Lenteng Agung, Jakarta.
  • Provision of plant seeds in Kampung Naga, Tasikmalaya.
  • Contribution of RI 74th Anniversary Activities TX Kediri, Malang, Pontianak, Yogyakarta and Bengkulu.
  • Distribution of groceries and daily care at the Social Institution in Kedoya, West Jakarta.
  • Entertaining and providing handicraft training for children affected by HIV AIDS in Cipanas-Kab. Cianjur.
  • Media Literacy MNC Media in Welcoming 3TV Anniversary at the University in Jakarta.
  • News Presenter Competition and Seminar at the University in Jakarta.
  • Dissemination of Health Education and Eye Examination in Joglo - Jakarta elementary school.
  • Mangrove planting and beach clean-up on Sangiang Island, Ujung Kulon.


  • Breaking fast with orphans at Masjid Raudatul Jannah-MNC Studios.
  • Submission of donations of new clothes for orphans, orphans and the underprivileged in the context of Eid al-Fitr 1440 H to orphanages in Depok, Bekasi and Jakarta.
  • Ramadan Donations to the MNC Kebon Sirih Mosque, Jakarta.
  • Distribution of qurban animals to PBNU, PP Muhammadiyah, Islamic Boarding Schools, Polres, Sector Police and communities in the territory of Indonesia.


  • Free examination and surgery for cleft lip in Jakarta, Karawang, Lampung, Gombong, Tasikmalaya.
  • Free social medical service for hernias in Semarang and Gombong.
  • Free medical services for cataract surgery in Lampung, Semarang, Sukabumi, Bangkalan, Sidoarjo, Mojokerto, Bangil, Nganjuk, Jombang and Tulung Agung.
  • Providing medical equipment in the form of wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs in Jakarta.
  • Free social exams and treatment in Tangerang and Bogor.