Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  • To hold General Meetings of Shareholders (GMS).
  • To ensure the implementation of the decisions approved by the GMS.
  • To develop a Work and Budget Plan for the Company (RKAP) and other work plans.
  • To develop and maintain the Company’s accounting and administration, ensuring it is in accordance with accepted accounting principles.
  • To prepare the annual report including financial statements.
  • To supervise the implementation of best management practices, including adequate risk management, internal control, financial reporting and compliance.
  • To design an organizational structure with clear roles and responsibilities including the appointment of management.
  • To develop a work plan for each area of responsibility of the work unit led by the Board of Directors.
  • To coordinate and monitor the responsibility of each work unit.

Duties and Responsibilities of each Director

President Director

  • To lead the Group in building and maintaining its lead in the media industry.
  • To be directly involved in developing and identifying the Company’s business strategy and lead its implementation.
  • To maintain the Company’s good reputation as a representative to all its stakeholders, including shareholders of the Company.
  • To develop strategic plans to achieve the mission and objectives of the Company and foster revenue, profit and growth.
  • To prepare, develop and implement an overall strategy for the Company in order to generate resources and/or income.
  • To adjust the objectives and work plans of the Company in accordance with existing conditions.
  • To fulfill all obligations of the Company in accordance with applicable laws and ethical standards.
  • To build good standing relationships with financial entities in order to seek funding for the development of the Company.
  • Oversee all activities of the Company’s financial management and business units with regards to financial planning, monitoring and management.


Director of Finance

  • To manage and supervise the financial management activities of the Company and business units, including financial planning, financial control, financial management and financial administration.
  • To supervise the review of the Company budgets and the budgets of each business unit in ensuring that performance is in accordance with the defined budget.
  • To ensure that reporting processes of the Company and its business units are in accordance with accounting regulations.
  • To define budget assumptions for the Company and its business units, as well as to provide instructions on budget preparation and ensure realistic projection.
  • To fulfill the rights and obligations of taxation in accordance with applicable tax laws and Good Corporate Governance regulations.
  • Develop and implement Information Technology (IT) strategies as needed by the Company and business units.
  • Coordinate and consolidate IT functions within all the business units.
  • Ensure that technology acquired by the Company is appropriate, effective and efficient to achieve business goals.

Director of Business Development and Investor Relations

  • To coordinate the preparation of a business development plan that is comprehensive and in line with the Company’s strategy.
  • To identify and evaluate potential business opportunities in accordance with the Company’s business requirements.
  • To coordinate feasibility studies and business plans for new business-to-business and product developments.
  • To conduct market research and analysis on business opportunities, as well as threats posed by the Company’s competitors.
  • To identify acquisition and merger opportunities, plus direct implementation activities.
  • To coordinate investor relations development programs, that includes identifying target interactions, investor approach programs, and activities involving relation development to heighten interest of investors.
  • To coordinate actions supporting shareholder relations, including responding to shareholders’ request for information.

Director of Group Corporate Secretary

  • To develop strategies and policies on internal and external communications among all stakeholders in ensuring that updated and delivered news embody transparency and accountability.
  • To supervise and coordinate functions involving the Group and ensuring consistency in internal communications in performing duties and responsibilities.
  • To be an advisor to the Board of Directors and representatives of the Company in connection with communications regarding Company activities to all stakeholders.
  • To develop and ensure the Companny maintains a good image and build strong relations with government and stakeholders.
  • To be responsible for coordinating meetings for the Board of Directors and Commissioners and General Meetings of Shareholders.
  • To manage and/or supervise the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility in line with the vision, mission and corporate values of the Company.

Director of Group Corporate Legal

  • To assist in ensuring compliance with regulations of the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution (Bapepam) and Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) in relation to its status as a public company, and among other tasks, to provide legal opinion with regards to reporting and transparency of information, organizing General Meeting of Shareholders, and assisting in preparing annual reports.
  • To provide assistance and legal opinion relating to corporate actions, such as bond issuance, restructuring, rights issue, merger and acquisition, and others.
  • To ensure corporate documents are updated and available, such as that of the Articles of Association, List of Shareholders, Share Certificates, and others.
  • To be responsible for all aspects of commercial law in relation to business activites/operations of the Company and its business units.
  • To be responsible for all aspects of procedural law/litigation of the Company and its business units.

Director of Group Governance and Organization Development

  • To supervise the activities of human resources, policies and training activities of the Group and coordinate internal controls and internal audits in all business units.
  • To develop corporate policies in line with the Company’s vision, mission and values across all business units.
  • To ensure compliance to Company policies and operational policies across all business units.
  • To lead and coordinate functions related to HR and policies at Group level, and ensure consistency in communication and clarity of tasks and responsibilities in their implementation.
  • To develop strategies and policies for human resource management at the corporate level, providing a reference for human resource development across business units. Strategies and policies include those on recruitment, learning and development, career development, performance, compensation and benefits, and talent management.
  • To ensure that all of the Company’s business units have the competency to conduct an audit and internal control, implementing self-assessment at each level and escalating to Group level where improvement processes are required.
  • To ensure successful implementation of trainings in order to support the Company in achieving its objectives.