• Thousands of People in Ngawi ‘Digoyang’ Didi Kempot in Road to Kilau Raya MNCTV

    30 Sept 2019, 18:22 WIB

    NGAWI – Thousands of people from Ngawi and its surrounding areas were entertained by a number of top artists in the event titled ‘Road to Kilau Raya MNCTV’, which was held in Alun-Alun Ngawi.

    A lot of artists such as Cak Sodiq, Tasya Rosmala, Nita Thalia, IIux, Duo Soap Colek, Dewi Persik, Jihan Audy, Denny Caknan, Ndarboy Genk, Duo Amor, Limbad, KDI Ardea, Nura Ivanka, Wali Band, to Godfather of Broken Heart, Didi Kempot made thousands of Ngawi people dance.

    Didi Kempot also opened the event by singing the 'Pamer Nojo' song. No wonder since the beginning, Ngawi people have been dancing spiritly.

    Executive Producer of ‘Road to Kilau Raya MNCTV’, Michael Sitorus, said that he did not expect to receive an extraordinary response from the people in Ngawi towards the event held by MNC TV throughout Saturday 28 September 2019.

    “The people of Ngawi are very cool, crowded and it looks like the sea of ​​people in this square. Thank you Ngawi, we don't think the enthusiasm will be like this, and the second time we are here, the enthusiasm remains the same. If there is no obstacle, MNCTV will go to Ngawi again next year,” said Michael Sitorus.

    In fact, according to Michael, warm and lively response has been given by the people since the artist's parade touring around Ngawi. A number of artists such as Limbad, Cak Sodiq, Duo Sabun, and Didi Kempot took part in the artist's parade.

    Dewi Perssik was also surprised by the enthusiasm of the people of Ngawi and surrounding areas. The artist who is often called Depe did not expect to be as busy as she was singing in a city that is actually not a big city.

    “We know that Ngawi is not a big city, but the enthusiasm of people in Ngawi is extremely high. From the beginning of the program ‘till the end, they endlessly singing and dancing together,” said the ex-wife of Saipul Jamil.

    Ngawi Regent, Budi Sulistiono, as the householder representing his people, claimed to be very grateful to MNCTV for providing free public entertainment.

    “Thank you to MNCTV for providing entertainment to the people of Ngawi and its surroundings. Thank you also to the people who have come in an orderly manner and enjoyed the event from beginning until finish. This is a gift from the government of Ngawi Regency for the entire people in Ngawi and surrounding areas,” Budi explained in his speech.

    Budi also expressed his gratitude to all of the combined security forces who had secured the concert, even since the rehearsal took place on Friday, September 27, 2019.


    Source : www.okezone.com