• MNC Sky Vision Achieves ICSA 2015

    12 Nov 2015, 21:26 WIB

    JAKARTA - PT MNC Sky Vision Tbk (MSKY) achieved the award in Home Appliance & Electronics category at the Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) 2015. PT MNC Sky Vision has won ICSA Award for four times in a row since 2012.

    ICSA award is given based on a survey conducted in six major cities in Indonesia by taking a sample taken from 7,500 respondents, consisting of 6,300 respondents randomly plus 1,200 booster respondents.

    "We are grateful and proud to have won this award in four consecutive years. We know that the pay-TV competition in the last 5 years is very intense. There are approximately 7-8 competitors. However, we successfully won this award. This is our proof that we are still the best, "said Deputy CEO of MNC Sky Vision Yudha Wibawa, in the event of ICSA 2015 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (11/12/2015).

    He said this award is the Company’s 13th Award in 2015. "The award is not only in terms of customer service, but also the brand value," he added.

    About the commitment to the customer, Yudha said the company does not only sell promises, but the proof. The company always tries to satisfy the customer. "Therefore, we have loyal customers because they are happy with our program," he said.

    Toyib Abdullah/Gaby Oksavira

    Source : www.sindonews.com