• MNC Pictures Presents Smart Action Through The Professionals

    19 Nov 2015, 20:30 WIB

    JAKARTA - MNC Pictures is back to present its new work. In 2016, this production house is ready to launch its latest movie, The Professionals, the action movie.

    Executive Producer of MNC Pictures, Affandi Abdul Rahman revealed that The Professionals is one of MNC Pictures’s commitments to advancing the Indonesian film industry.

    "MNC Pictures will promote Indonesian film industry that will continue to create other films in the future," said Affandi during a press conference in Pisa Cafe Mahakam, Jakarta, Thursday (11/19).

    In the same occasion, the famous actor, Lukman Sardi explained The Professionals is a film that is different from other Indonesian films.

    "We have a different action films with our new treatment which never existed in Indonesia. The smart action that not only shooting," said Lukman who plays Cokro in the film.

    Interestingly, the film also stars Fachri Albar, Cornelio Sunny, Richard Kyle, Melayu Nicole, Arifin Putra and Imelda Therrine is not only shows the physical scene.

    According to Affandi, this film will be presenting the many sides to the audience. "We'll make a film contains of love, mystery, and smart action so why we named it The Professionals. There is a scene of fighting, jumping from building, and shooting," said Affandi.

    The Professionals tells about a former businessman who just left prison. He plans a big robbery in order to take revenge on those who have taken everything from his life.

    Toyib Abdullah/Gaby Oksavira

    Source : www.sindonews.com