• MNC Games and MNC Animation Support Positive Activity; ANIFESTKOM 2019

    27 June 2019, 19:23 WIB

    BANDUNG - Yayasan Universitas Komputer Indonesia (UNIKOM) held the Animation Festival UNIKOM 2019 or ANIFESTKOM in collaboration with BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif). This event will be held on 27-29 June 2019 at UNIKOM, Bandung.

    ANIFESTKOM is an animation festival conducted by UNIKOM as a gathering place for animation activists such as academics, practitioners, industry, and communities to exchange information.

    ANIFESTKOM has four series of activities, namely animation seminars, animated film discussions, master classes, and Indonesia Reallusion Awards (IRA) 2019.

    This year ANIFESTKOM raised the theme of “ANIMASI MILLENIAL," where this animation characters nowadays are part of millennials to become influencers.

    Therefore, the speakers who will attend the ANIFESTKOM 2019 series of activities are also IP owners, which the characters have become influencers on various social media platforms such as KIKO, Si JUKI, Om Perlente, and Adit Sopo Jarwo.

    In addition to discussions and seminars, ANIFESTKOM also organized an Indonesia Reallusion Awards (IRA) 2019 competition. IRA is a national-level pre-visualization animation competition participated by universities throughout Indonesia.

    “In this competition, as many as 25 teams from all tertiary institutions in Indonesia will be competed for 48 hours to compete for the title of the 3 (three) best animations,” said Robby UI Pratama as a Chief Executive of ANIFESTKOM 2019, in Bandung, on Thursday (27/6/2019). 

    Therefore, MNC Games and MNC Animation fully support ANIFESTKOM's positive activities, because an event like this can be a place to exchange ideas, experiences, and information in the field of animation.

    It can even build cooperation between Academics and Industry to create human resources in the field of Animation.

    Albertus Agung from MNC Games will be one of the speakers at the seminar held on the second day.

    With the theme “KIKO From Animation To Games," AG will tell how KIKO's initial journey as an animated character became a game.

    In addition, AG will also be a judge in the Indonesia Reallusion Award 2019.

    “A career in the animation industry is the dream of most people in the creative field. Hopefully, sharing our experiences in Animation and Games could provide positive inspiration for friends in this industry,” said Albertus Agung as a speaker and jury at the Indonesia Reallusion Award 2019 representative from MNC Games, at the same time and place.

    For your information, MNC Games (MNCG) is a game development company founded in 2018, creates new game content for various platforms with IP owned by MNC Media.

    It aims to increase the value of IP by adding fun and providing new entertainment for the community. The first product of MNC Games is Kiko Run, a mobile game that was adopted from IP MNC Animation, namely Kiko.



    Source : www.okezone.com