• MNC Peduli Organized Fundraising to Help Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus

    26 Mar 2020, 13:30 WIB

    JAKARTA - MNC Peduli organized fundraising to prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak (covid-19). This is aimed to ease the burden on medical workers and residents exposed to corona.

    "MNC Peduli, with all business units under MNC Group, believes that this is the time we all strive to help each other," MNC Peduli Chairman III Jessica Tanoesodibjo said on Wednesday (3/25/2020).

    Fundraising, according to her, is a form of MNC Group's responsibility as the largest media in Indonesia.

    "We realize that this is our responsibility as the largest media in the country to invite all Indonesians to participate in helping our brothers and sisters who are most affected," said Jessica.

    Later the funds raised, she revealed, would be used to buy personal protective equipment (PPE) needed by medical staff at the hospital. The funds are also used to buy basic necessities for residents affected by the economy due to the spread of the coronavirus.

    "We hope the assistance given by MNC Peduli can inspire other corporations and Indonesians to rise up and participate in helping others," Jessica said.

    She claimed to be inviting artists and influencers under MNC Group to donate funds through MNC Peduli. Later, the assistance will be submitted to BNPB.

    "We, from MNC Group, are also preparing the funds that will distributed. We invite some of our corporate partners to contribute to the #BersamaMNCLawanCorona campaign," she said.

    For your information, people who will donate funds, can do it via bit.ly/MNCPeduliLawanCorona or transfer directly to the MNC Care account: MNC Bank 100.01.000009851.5; BRI Bank 0206.01.005001.30.8; Bank Mandiri 103,00099,0000.8; and BCA Bank 681.508.8119 a/n Yayasan Jalinan Kasih.


    Source : www.inews.id