• MNC Group Renovates SD Mekar Sari to Support Education World in Indonesia

    30 Oct 2015, 13:31 WIB

    JAKARTA - MNC Group consistently strives to run its social activities. This time, MNC Group renovated an elementary school in Jakarta.

    SD Mekar Sari Pulomas which were initially not feasible to be used for teaching and learning activities is now ready for use by students and teachers.

    "Some time ago, the roof and ceiling have been eaten by termites. If we do not renovate immediately, we are afraid that it will collapse," said Principal of SD Mekar Sari, Tugino on Friday (30/10/2015).

    Tugino expressed his gratitude to MNC Group which cares for education. "We would like to say thank you to MNC that already concerned about our condition," he added.

    Meanwhile, the Chairman of Yayasan Jalinan Kasih, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo said that the awareness to SD Mekar Sari is a form of MNC Group’s concern about the quality of children's education in Indonesia.

    "The main purpose of the provision of this educational facility is to improve the quality of school buildings to be feasible, safe and convenient for use in teaching and learning. We want all of children in Indonesia to enjoy the better quality of education," said Liliana.

    Not only that, MNC Group also gives a number of other assistance, in the form of school supplies, two wheelchair and 1,093 glasses that given directly to students in need.

    Toyib Abdullah/Gaby Oksavira

    Source : www.okezone.com