• To Prevent Corona, MNC Peduli Distributed Masks and Hand Sanitizers

    19 Mar 2020, 17:45 WIB

    JAKARTA - The outbreak of the coronavirus is widespread to a number of countries, including Indonesia. The government has appealed to the public to prevent the spread of the coronavirus such as washing hands diligently and wearing masks.

    Unfortunately, since the appeal for prevention was promoted there are still many people who have difficulty getting this personal protective equipment. Responding to this problem, MNC Peduli Chairman III, Jessica Tanoesoedibjo said MNC Peduli which is engaged in the social field wants to contribute to helping the community.

    "As a preventing step and caring measure, MNC Peduli distributes packages containing masks, hand sanitizers, hand soap and wet tissues to those who work directly in contact with many people, such as in the fields of security, hygiene, motorcycle taxi, public transportation, small businesses or other workers, "said Jessica, at the MNC Group Complex, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Thursday (3/19/2020).

    Jessica hopes that the distribution of this package can help the community in preventing to avoid contracting the coronavirus. In addition, she also hopes that people can care more about their health and always maintain their cleanliness.

    "MNC Peduli hopes that this contribution will further inspire the public to be more serious about maintaining cleanliness and preventing the coronavirus or Covid-19 from themselves and reminding each other," she said.

    Herman Sulaeman, one of the Gondangdia Station security officers, positively welcomed the social action carried out by MNC Peduli. He admitted that he had difficulty getting masks and hand sanitizers.

    "I am very grateful for the assistance from MNC Peduli to distribute masks," Herman said.

    According to him, the use of masks is very important for his work. Moreover, every day he has to interact with the people who use mass transportation services, in this case, the commuter line.

    "It's very important because we are here always meet with passengers and others too," he said.


    Source : www.inews.id