MNC Animation (MNCA) was established in May 2011. MNC Animation focuses in developing IPs into animation production and IP related business. It has completed several animation series such as Entong season 1 & 2, KIKO pre-season, season 1, 2 & 3, and also theatrical movie, such as Titus - Mystery of the Enygma. KIKO has maintained its status as the nation’s most popular locally animated series and gained tremendous interest from different regions in the international market. KIKO now aired in 64 countries and has been translated & dubbed into 4 languages. Upon its TV debut in 2016, KIKO garnered instant recognition from the industry by winning the Panasonic Gobel Award 2016 for “Best Children’s Animation”. KIKO also claimed a winner status as “Favorite Local Children Animation” program at Indonesian Television Awards in 2017 and 2018 before being declared again for the second time at Panasonic Gobel Award in 2019. In 2019, KIKO brought home the title “Best Children’s Programme”, as a regional winner at the Asian Academy Creative Awards, and was also nominated as the “Best 3D Animated Programme”. In 2020, KIKO again won the regional “Best Animated Programme or Series (2D or 3D)” at the Asian Academy Creative Awards.   In January 2020, MNC Animation released its first theatrical animation movie called “TITUS – Mystery of the Enygma” in Indonesian theatres and by November, “TITUS – Mystery of the Enygma” was available to South East Asia audiences through Netflix (SEA). MNC Animation introduced 3D Animation TV Series called “Bima S”, that premiered in October 2020, which gained an excellent performance by recording an audience share of 15.6% on RCTI.  In 2021, MNCA’s content/IP won various awards, such as IDA Awards 2021 for its game KIKO Run as "Favourite Games”, Academy Creative Awards 2021 (Regional) for BIMA S Animation Series as “Best Animated Program or Series (2D or 3D)”, and Maya 9 Awards for Titus - Mystery of The Enygma as “Selected Featured Animation Film”. Throughout 2022, Bima S Animation Series received 2 prestigious awards, such as KPI Awards 2022 for the "Best Animation Program” category and also an award from Asian Academy Creative Awards 2022 (Regional) as "Best Program or Animation Series (2D or 3D)". On 23 October 2022, Bima S Animation Series aired its second season on RCTI.   MNCA is currently in the development stage for new IPs, which among others include “Titus Series”, “Zanna”, “Hedgehogs”, “Azrai”, and “Sinbad”.