Vision+ is a mobile streaming application TV and Video on Demand (VoD) service owned by MNC Group under the auspices of MNC Vision Network. The Vision+ application provides the best variety of premium TV Channel and Video On Demand content from various genres, both Indonesian and international. Some differentiators of Vision+ with similar applications are:  A. Premium Channels Vision+ presents 62 channels for each customer, plus other premium channels if additional customers are also MNC Vision and MNC Play customers. Total Premium Channel obtained by MNC Vision and MNC Play customers in Vision+ is more than 130 channels (Terms and Conditions Apply). TV Anywhere service for MNC Vision and MNC Play customers at Vision+ is free of charge.  B. Catch Up TV Vision+ provides users to be able to playback TV Programs (FTA and MNC Channel) at the time of day in accordance with customers' wishes up to seven days back.  C. More than 10,000 hours of Video on Demand Vision+ provides a complete variety of genres Video on Demand from Indonesia and International. To be different, Vision+ provides all content produced by MNC Picture exclusively and comes before any similar application.