As one of Indonesia’s leading integrated media companies, PT Global Mediacom Tbk ‘MCOM or ‘the Company’ holds the country’s most extensive media portfolio. MCOM offers Free-To-Air (FTA) television, pay-TV and multimedia content, as well as online portals, newspapers and magazines, radio and broadband internet services. The Company also owns media-related businesses that support its core focus, such as talent management and advertising agencies.

The majority of the Company’s revenue is contributed by two main lines of business. Content and advertising-based media, as managed by PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNC). Subscription-based media, as managed by PT MNC Sky Vision Tbk (MSKY).

MNC manages four national FTA TV stations: RCTI, MNCTV, GlobalTV and iNewsTV. MNC also has a portfolio of MNC branded pay-TV channels. Meanwhile, MSKY operated the pay-TV services Indovision, Top TV and OkeVision, and is the established leader in pay-TV provision in Indonesia. MCOM’s media support and infrastructure business is managed by PT Infokom Elektrindo (Infokom).

MCOM also holds growing businesses in online media. These include the social media platform WeChat, the leading online news and entertainment portal Okezone. com, mobile game company Letang, and the 24-hour TV Home Shopping service MNC Shop.

The Company was established on June 30, 1981 and initially operated as a conglomerate, engaged in the general trading sector. Following several acquisitions and divestitures, the Company shifted its focus to the media industry. This new direction was confirmed with the re-branding of the Company as PT Global Mediacom Tbk in 2007.

The Company is a publicly-listed company. Its shares have been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) since 1995, with ticker symbol BMTR.