With a young population of more than 250 million people, the fourth largest in the world, Indonesia is experiencing sustained growth of its thriving economy. 50% of the population are under 30 years old, and are dedicated consumers. These young consumers are driving a steady increase in advertising spending across all media, by both local companies and multinationals.The most powerful platform for advertising in our nation is still television. Indonesia is an archipelago with over 17,000 islands. Only television can unite all parts of the country, delivering entertainment, information and advertising on a national scale. It is a unique position. Media Partners Asia research shows Indonesia is one of few countries where TV advertising continues to grow and dominate.In 2014, MNC continued to provide advertisers with the best platform and the widest reach. MNC’s three established FTA stations, RCTI, MNCTV and GlobalTV, cater collectively to a diverse range of ages and socioeconomic statuses with a combined average prime time audience share of 30%. In 2015, RCTI was again the most-watched station in Indonesia, with average prime time audience share of 34% tuning into the channel’s top-rated dramas and talent shows. RCTI also led the industry in terms of revenue, with a power ratio of 1.4x.MNC also launched SINDOTV in December, its fourth national FTA station. SINDOTV combines MNC and Sindo’s existing news gathering infrastructure with a fresh approach to news presentation, to give viewers an entirely new kind of factual and sports-focused channel.This year, MNC has also built four new state-of-the-art TV studio buildings in a centralized campus. Three of the buildings are focused on TV production and are located in Kebon Jeruk, while MNC’s new news center is located in Kebon Sirih. With the very best production facilities centralized in one location, MNC will be able to create greater synergy between its four stations, leading to improved cost management and program quality.MNC also continues to monetize its vast content library, which now contains over 200,000 hours of programming, in entertaining and innovative ways. The content library is leveraged by the pay-TV portfolio MNC Channels, which includes 19 channels dedicated to specialist genres and niche audiences. MNC Channels’ segmented programming enables advertisers to target very specifi c demographics. MNC’s pay-TV audience is growing rapidly, with MSKY’s subscriber base exceeding 2.53 million for the fi rst time in 2014. 10 of the top 20 most-watched pay-TV channels were MNC-branded Channels, which are consistently more popular than channels from international competitors such as CNN, Fox and Sky.