In the online business, Okezone.com is an online news and entertainment portal focusing on Indonesian readers with various contents. Okezone.com publishes around 700-800 new items every day, the most in Indonesia. In addition to Okezone.com, the Company also has online streaming through Okezone.tv, which has become the premier online TV streaming service in Indonesia. As of December 31, 2016, Okezone.com received 20 million visitors every day. MNC Media also operates an entertainment video portal through metube.id, online travel services that focuses on tickets sales, accommodation and travel packages through www.misteraladin.com, as well as online shopping through www.thefthing.com. RCTI+ is a Digital Media. It was formed by MNC Group which presented to TV viewers and Non-TV viewers (Digital Media viewers). RCTI+ has a lot of Plus, such as watch RCTI Plus MNCTV and GTV, Plus Extras Show, and Plus Updated Info. At Home Shopping Business, MNC Shop is an online shopping center accessible 24 hours a day, either via channel 79 and 88 at MNC Vision, or www.mncshop. co.id. MNC Shop performs optimal business synergy by operating on multiple platforms: Pay TV, FTA and the internet as welll as providing different types of access to customers. MNC Media Investment, a foreign-based subsidiary of MNC Media, has achieved remarkable success in its investment abroad in Le Tang, fu mu bang, and many more. Le Tang founded in March 2009 as Le Tang Animation & Information Technology Co, Ltd., is a large-scale cultural and technology enterprise focusing on cultural contents. It is a well-known for its R&D and distribution enterprise in the field of animation games. In recent years, Le Tang animation games have been downloaded more than 1.6 billion times, and the Company become the leading brand in the domestic animation games industry. FuMuBang was established in 2012, the Company focused on parenting services, solving problems for family activities planning by providing online ordering services such as family travel, family activities, children's plays and venue tickets. The application currently have millions of active users.