• To Avoid Corona Virus, MNC Peduli Campaign Good Handwashing

    19 Mar 2020, 14:20 WIB

    MUARA GEMBONG – The spread of the coronavirus in almost all parts of the world including Indonesia, now has reached 219,332 cases. This has made many Indonesians worried because of their lack of understanding of the spread of Covid-19.

    For the prevention of Covid-19, the government revealed to all components of society to play a role in promoting the socialization of measures to prevent the spread of the virus. In line with the government's appeal, MNC Peduli also actively socializes measures to anticipate the spread of the coronavirus.

    MNC Peduli Chairman III Jessica Tanoesoedibjo said, one of the efforts undertaken by MNC Peduli was by campaigning good and effective handwashing procedures to prevent viruses and germs. There are four moments of washing hands: before and after eating, after handling dirty objects, after defecating and urinating, and before and after treating wounds.

    "As we know, Indonesia and the world are infected by Covid-19. So, one of the things that MNC Peduli does is by preventing the spread of the coronavirus. We teach children how to wash their hands properly because often children forget about the importance of it, "said Jessica, Thursday (3/19/2020).

    Through an attractive outreach poster design, MNC Peduli visualizes the six stages of hand washing. First, wet hands with clean running water. Second, pour the soap into the palm of the hand.

    Next, rub your hand's palm and fingers. Fourth, clean the nails and back of the hands. Fifth, rinse hands with clean running water. Last, dry your hands with a towel or tissue.

    Besides through poster, MNC Peduli also directly involved in giving socialization about Covid-19 in Desa Binaan of MNC Peduli, precisely in Pantai Bakti Village, Muara Gembong, Bekasi, West Java, by providing education on how to properly wash hands.

    The socialization was given to students and teachers at SDN Pantai Bakti 02. The socialization activity was filled with the practice of washing hands properly, using water and antibacterial soap. This socialization aims to educate society about how to prevent Covid 19 in a simple way, which is to wash hands properly.

    "The children are very interested and enthusiastic about the socialization of MNC Peduli. This activity is very useful," said Principal of SDN Pantai Bakti 02, Jamiludin.


    Source : www.inews.id