• MNC Peduli Help Fire Victim in Manggarai

    12 July 2019, 17:59 WIB

    JAKARTA - The huge fire that struck 163 houses in RW 07, Manggarai Selatan Village, South Jakarta on Wednesday (10/7/2019) knocked MNC Peduli's heart. As a form of commitment to always help others, MNC Peduli helps the victims of the disaster.

    Head of MNC Peduli, Tengku Havid said that assistance was provided to fulfill the basic needs of victims after a fire incident. As a result of the incident, they now really need proper clothing and their needs in daily life.

    “We hope this help could ease the burden on the basic needs of post-fire residents,” Havid said at the location on Friday (07/11/2019).

    Head of MNC Peduli Tengku Havid talks with women from South Manggarai residents who were victims of the fire.

    To note, the effect of the great fire, 300 families lost their homes. The refugees who reached 1,400 people now live in refugee camps not far from their burnt villages. Every day they try to scavenge their stuff that can still be used from the rubble of the house.

    To help alleviate the burden on the victims, MNC Peduli provided assistance in the form of new and decent clothing and mineral water for daily needs.

    Havid said that this assistance was not the last. MNC Peduli will back to help victims remembering there are still many people who need it.

    “We hope that the fire victims could get through this period and be able to rise again soon,” Havid said.

    Residents in RW 07, South Manggarai Subdistrict, are looking for items that can still be used from the debris of their homes that were scorched by the fire.

    One of the coordinators of the RW 07 fire victim posts, Agus Kuswara, admitted that he was greatly helped by what was given from MNC Peduli. Residents were grateful for the help.

    “I represent the citizens; we are very happy for the care of MNC Peduli. Hopefully, what is given to us could be useful," Agus said.


    Source : www.inews.id