• MNC Peduli Donate Eid Clothes to Yayasan Yatim Piatu Al Mubarok Bekasi

    29 May 2019, 19:30 WIB

    BEKASI - Welcoming Eid al-Fitr 1440 H, MNC Peduli held a donation of new clothes for orphans to wear on Eid. This donation was collected from all MNC Group employees a few days before.

    There are three orphan foundations that got donations from MNC Peduli, including Panti Asuhan Yatim Piatu dan Dhuafa Al Hayya (Depok), Yayasan Nurul Iman Jafariah (Jakarta), Yayasan Amal Sholeh Al Mubarok-Taman Quran (Kab Bekasi)

    The Happiness was shown from the faces of the orphans when they received donations for the Eid clothes that they had long wanted. This is considered to further increase their enthusiasm in fasting.

    “Very happy for the care from MNC Peduli friends, because it is really fit for Eid, our children have not yet bought new clothes. Then they got this, of course, we really happy. And this is the first time they got new clothes for Eid al-Fitr, alhamdulillah.” said Head of Yayasan Amal Sholeh Al Mubarok-Taman Quran, Yasir Sudarmanto at the location, on Wednesday (5/29/2019).

    He claimed this was the first time his foundation had received assistance from the media. So far, the assistance provided by the majority comes from communities whose contents are young people.

    “The donations that we got there are a lot, but from other media never got before. It was dominated by the youth or car community. Not even just breaking the fast together, but also suhoor together,” he admitted.

    Yasir hopes that in the future, similar activities could be held again at the orphanage with 35 students. With the media covering activities at the orphanage, according to him, it could be an inspiration for others to participate.

    “Our hope is, of course, we want to care more, let alone be shown on TV, children are better known, and of course happier, their families are also would be happier,” he said.

    “Next time, if there are Islamic programs for children, MNC TV can also cover us, so that activities like this are followed by many friends from other media,” Yasir added.


    Source : www.okezone.com