• MNC Peduli Share Happiness at Yayasan Al Hayya in Depok

    29 May 2019, 22:23 WIB

    DEPOK - Towards Eid al-Fitr 1440 Hijri, all MNC Group employees through MNC Peduli distributed donations of new clothing to children at Panti Asuhan Yatim Piatu and Dhuafa Al Hayya, Jalan Cipayung Raya, Desa Cipayung Jaya, Cipayung, Depok, West Java. Wednesday (5/29/2019).

    Head of MNC Peduli Tengku Havid said that the donation was collected from MNC Group employees who were on Jalan Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, and Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. The same thing was done by his party at Bekasi and Depok orphanages.

    “We, the MNC Group family, would like to share our happiness with our younger siblings welcoming Eid al-Fitr and hope that in the holy month of Ramadan, our worship would be blessed by Allah SWT,” he said in Depok, on Wednesday (05/29/2019).

    Havid admitted, besides making donations like this, his party also often did activities with orphans such as breaking the fast together, and watching music shows together.

    “It starts by giving donations of clothing and also breaking the fast activities with orphans. And inviting them to do activities at the playground and we invite them to see music shows. Things like that we do,” he said.

    He wants, this activity continues to be carried out by MNC Peduli and fully supported by MNC Group employees to continue to do good things in the month of Ramadan. “Not only participated by employees but also partners from MNC Peduli participated in the happiness, and social fields carried out by MNC Peduli,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Head of Yayasan Alhayya Depok, Redi Gunawan, said the arrival of MNC Peduli really brought happiness to the children who were at the foundation (Yayasan), because before they returned to their hometown, they all got souvenirs of new clothes.

    “The children here were pleased with MNC Peduli arrival, which makes our orphans children and the poor from various regions, they want to back to hometown when MNC Peduli is visited, they are happy,” he explained.

    He said that the children in Yayasan Alhayya Depok numbered in dozens from various regions in Indonesia.

    “We have 55 sons and 20 daughters foster, from different types of regions, from Medan, Kalimantan, Brebes, and Cianjur,” he added.

    Redi hopes that the activities carried out by MNC Peduli would not stop and still continue to help orphans in Indonesia; besides that, he also requests that MNC Peduli not forget their foundation.

    “Our first message is to do good because goodwill brings blessings, keep silaturohim because there is still much that we must share, do good. MNC Peduli hopefully, there would be no end to building care and gratitude every year,” he concluded.



    Source : www.okezone.com