• Road to Kilau Raya MNCTV Successfully Rocked Pemalang

    27 Jan 2020, 10:30 WIB
    • Not less than 40.000 people crowded Widuri Beach. They enjoyed the entertainment presented.

    PEMALANG - Road To Kilau Raya MNCTV is always awaited by Indonesian people. It could be seen by how enthusiastic people were when it was held in Pemalang, Central Java, Saturday (25/1/2020). Not less than 40.000 people crowded Widuri Beach. They enjoyed the entertainment presented.

    “Pemalang people are so awesome. It was loud and people crowd Widuri Beach. Thank you, Pemalang people. We didn’t expect how enthusiastic people are. MNCTV will definitely visit Pemalang again next year,” says Michael Sitorus as the Executive Producer of Road to Kilau Raya MNCTV.

    Never did the downpour that day discourage Pemalang people to watch their idols. There were Inul Daratista, Cak Sodiq, Tasya Rosmala, Nita Thalia, IIux, Dewi Persik, Jihan Audy, Denny Caknan, Abi KDI, Julia Vio, Suci KDI, Eva Puka, Lebby and tense action performed by Limbad.

    This event was broadcasted by MNCTV and was opened by Inul Daratista, Nita Thalia and Dewi Perssik singing Goyang Inul, Polisi and Bojo Galak. Their performances were more lively as it was also accompanied by an astounding costume carnival.

    “Pemalang people are so amazing. There was very enthusiastic despite the downpour, from the beginning till the end of the show. They sang along and danced,” says Dewi Perssik.

    The performance was continued by the performance of Deni Caknan and Tasya Rosmala singing Kortonyono Medot Janji. Their second performance made Pemalang people dance non-stop.

    Caq Sodiq and Nita Thalia performance also hypnotized people singing Pamer Bojo, and Ilux Id, Suci KDI and Lebby encourage the audience to sing along.

    The next segment was unique, presenting Pemalang food such as lontong dekem, kue kamir and grombyang rice which were shared to the performers. Master Limbad performed with his extreme action, inviting the audience to conquer a long and sharp machete as well as sawing his body with a chainsaw.

    “Thank you MNCTV and Pemalang people. Thank you for watching the show so orderly and enjoying it from the beginning till the end. This is also from Pemalang Regency government for the community and people from surrounding areas,” says Mohammad Arifin as Regional Secretary of Pemalang Regency.


    Source : www.sindonews.com