• MNC Animation Presents Animation Experts at BEACON Akatara Masterclass

    20 Sept 2019, 10:45 WIB

    JAKARTA - MNC Animation supports Akatara 2019 event by presenting Larry Whitaker as Chief Creative Production Officer of MNC Animation at the Beacon Mini Masterclass. Bekraf Animation Conference (BEACON) - Akatara was held at the Sultan Hotel in Jakarta and was attended by around 100 participants from various circles that had a focus in the field of animation.

    AKATARA is a collaborative program between Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf) (or in English called Creative Economy Agency) and Badan Perfilman Indonesia (BPI) (or in English called Indonesian Film Agency), which aims to facilitate financing and provide access to capital for businesses in the Indonesian film ecosystem. The Akatara program forms focused on pitching sessions and speed-dating, a kind of matchmaking between project owners and capital owners. Other sub-programs take the form of training like masterclass classes, talks, seminars, and the film and exposition market (expo).  

    This time the BEACON Mini Masterclass was held with event material and speakers, who were experts in the field of animation. One of them was Larry Whitaker from MNC Animation with the topic ‘Directing in Animation’. In the Animation Masterclass, Larry explained the important points in making animation, starting from images’ portfolio of the animated characters of his work, and the process of making the animation that he currently runs, Dinda Novi. This masterclass lasts for approximately two hours, including question and answer sessions.

    “I am happy to be able to attend among the participants and provide useful knowledge for many people. I have become even more excited because I feel the enthusiasm of the participants, as evidenced by their curiosity through the questions raised. I hope this event could continue every year to improve the quality of Indonesian animation,” said Larry Whitaker as Chief Creative Production Officer.

    MNC Animation provides support for this event, for the betterment of the animation in Indonesian. There is hope that with the experience gained, it could provide knowledge for local animation.

    “MNC Animation will always provide full support to positive activities like this for the advancement of the animation in Indonesian. We hope the information and experience that we convey could be an inspiration and source of learning for local animation doers who want to always improve their skills and professionalism in this industry,” Suhendra Wijaya as Head of Marketing Communication MNC Animation.


    Source : www.inews.id