• Spoiling Football Fans, MNC Vision Networks and beIN SPORTS Held El Clasico ‘Nobar’

    03 Mar 2020, 15:13 WIB

    JAKARTA - MNC Vision Network (MVN), the largest subscription TV holding company in Indonesia, through its two business units, MNC Vision and MNC Play in collaboration with beIN SPORTS is back to hold a watch together (nobar) live the El Clasico public screening league, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Monday (2/3/2020) early yesterday. The event took place at Beer Hall Lot 19 SCBD, Jakarta.

    Nobar also involved the Vision Family and Buddy Play as loyal customers of MNC Vision and MNC Play, football lovers who want to support their favorite clubs and the general public who have registered through the official website of the organizer.

    "It is a pleasure for us to be able to hold a live screening nobar with beIN SPORTS which is certainly very popular among football fans. As a Football Lover Place', MNC Vision Networks always strives to provide exciting and memorable experiences by broadcasting prestigious events that are very popular, "said Adita Widyansari, Subscriber Management, Product & Marketing Director of MNC Vision and MNC Play.

    Adita said, through this event, MNC Vision also wanted to present a different experience as a form of appreciation to loyal customers. Likewise, for participating soccer fans, we can always get closer to them. MNC Vision hopes that events like this can be held regularly in the future.

    Meanwhile Head of Marketing & Communications beIN SPORTS Asia Magdalene Ng said, El Clasico is one of the biggest rivals in the world and always generates a lot of excitement. Seeing football as a national sport in Indonesia and many passionate football supporters, he believes this match always attracts the attention of many people.

    "Through collaboration with MNC Vision Networks, beIN SPORTS can provide access to the game and revive the El Clasico experience to the public, especially loyal customers of MNC Vision and MNC Play," she said.

    El Clasico's Live Screening nobar event: Real Madrid vs Barcelona was enlivened with various interesting activities such as juggling games, trivia quizzes, guessing scores and many other exciting activities. Vision and Buddy Play's family and other lucky registrants will get RSVP invitations, free exclusive merchandise from beIN SPORTS, and food & beverages during Nobar.

    MNC Vision and MNC Play became 'A Place for Football Lovers' by presenting various shows of the world's best soccer leagues throughout the year. In the nobar, 'The Place for Football Lovers’ not only presents El Clasico matches: Real Madrid vs Barcelona, ​​but also introduces other matches that are also awaited such as Serie A, Ligue 1, LaLiga, Hyundai A-League.

    All matches can be watched on beIN SPORTS 1 and beIN SPORTS 2 channels only on MNC Vision and MNC Play. In addition, those who have subscribed can also enjoy the prestigious matches anywhere and anytime through the Vision Plus application.


    Source : www.inews.id