• Capable of Answer Era Digital Challenges, the Performance of Global Mediacom Increased

    25 June 2019, 23:13 WIB

    JAKARTA, iNews.id - The performance of PT Global Mediacom Tbk (BMTR) is predicted to jump more rapidly in the digital age. It is because the company is utilizing opportunities for the development of digital technology very well.

    “I am very sure that the business model is right, it means that we have entered a new ecosystem now,” said President Director of Global Mediacom Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT), during the BMTR General Meeting of Shareholders at iNews Tower, Tuesday (25/6/2019).

    At present, the company is supported by two main businesses, namely first; television and content, and second, namely, Pay TV and broadband. For businesses in television media, there are four free to air (FTA), namely RCTI, GTV, MNCTV, and iNews, with an audience share of around 40%.

    This means that the audience base is more than 100 million. In addition, the advertising share owned by the group is around 43% of all television advertisements throughout Indonesia and also from 17 channels on subscription TV.

    FTA and content revenue increased 18 percent in total, supported by digital revenue, content production that increased rapidly because of a lot of production for third parties. Furthermore, it is also from non-time consuming (NTC) advertising, advertisements included in the program.

    In the first quarter of 2019, digital revenue contributed almost 9 percent of total advertising revenue. Meanwhile, MNC content production is currently the largest in Indonesia, which is 23,000 hours per year.

    With more than 80 percent of self-produced programs, this gives MNC Group the flexibility to increase revenue through NTC.

    As an illustration last year, approximately 3 percent of all company advertising revenue came from the NTC. This year, it is targeted that NTC will contribute 4-5 percent of total advertising revenue.

    In the second business, namely, Pay TV and broadband under the MNC Vision Network, there are Satellite Pay TV, IPTV, high-speed internet, and over the top (OTT). In this, Pay TV also MNC Vision's largest satellite in Indonesia.

    For IPTV and high-speed internet that uses fiber optics, there are 1.2 million homepass installed. Third, there will be OTT, which is a form of TV anywhere where MNC Vision or MNC Play customers can enjoy channels from anywhere.

    “Hopefully, in the future, the two strengths of the Global Mediacom business could support even faster growth,” HT said.

    In this digital era, there are various digital initiatives being undertaken to make the company's performance accelerate. First, there is a digital podcast where viewers can interact through gadgets with television shows, both votes, comments, and so on.

    Second, is in social media. On YouTube, all MNC shows uploaded have received 13.7 billion views, with 37.5 million subscribers, and are the largest in Indonesia.

    Not only that, MNC has obtained a multi-channel network license from YouTube, which means it can become an agent of content creators. Soon, MNC Group will also launch RCTI Plus, which is a special OTT for the live streaming of four MNC Group TVs.

    Through this OTT, if there is a viewer who has missed not watching his favorite shows, then the shows can be played back and watched. In addition, there is original content, behind the scene, bloopers, and so on.

    With an audience base, there are more than 100 million traffic on this OTT is believed to be a new contributor that provides a huge jump in revenue for the MNC Group. “Starting next year, the revenue from our advertising will increase sharply," he said.

    On the digital portal, MNC owns Okezone.com and Sindonews.com, which currently occupy ranks 4 and 5 of the overall Top Indonesia Search.

    The Okezone news portal category is already at number two, while Sindonews.com is number 3, with 14 million visitor visits every day. In addition, there are radios that are being converted into radio aggregators.

    On the other hand, MNC Group's existing production facilities are currently the largest in Southeast Asia, meaning there is no need for investment for capital expenditure.  


    Source : www.okezone.com