• Another Victory, KORAN SINDO Wins IPMA and IYRA 2020 Awards

    08 Feb 2020, 15:28 WIB
    • On the night of the appreciation held by the Press Company Union (SPS), KORAN SINDO also received two other awards in 2020 Indonesia Print Media Awards (IPMA) category.

    BANJARMASIN - KORAN SINDO won again an award at National Press Day (HPN) commemoration event in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Friday (02/07/2020). This award is in the category of Indonesia Young Readers Awards (IYRA) 2020 as a Gold Winner National Newspaper.

    On the night of the appreciation held by the Press Company Union (SPS), KORAN SINDO also received two other awards in 2020 Indonesia Print Media Awards (IPMA) category.

    For this award, KORAN SINDO was awarded the Silver Winner in the category of The Best of National Newspaper IPMA 2020 for its two front-page editions.

    The award was received directly by the Chief Editor of KORAN SINDO and SINDONews.com Djaka Susila on the SPS appreciation night which themed "Creations that Inspire the Country".

    Djaka said that the IYRA 2020 gold winner award whipped up the editorial spirit in creating quality newspaper content.

    According to Djaka, for the IYRA 2020 category, the article that won the awards are the special pages dedicated to young readers.

    "This (article) was also created by young people who are members of Gen Sindo. They are students whom we give space to create, write news, develop issues and reportage, then pour it in the form of articles in their own language," said Djaka after receiving the award.

    Just to note, the article that won the IYRA 2020 gold is the Weekend edition, which appeared on December 28, 2019. At that time, Gen SINDO team suggested the theme "South Jakarta: Hangout Spots, Entertainment Center".

    The article explores spots that are commonly used as hangout places by young people in South Jakarta area. In addition to the article, this rubric also has enticing infographics that can be used as a guide when traveling.

    While for the appreciation of the silver winner, received for the visual front page of KORAN SINDO 17 April 2019 and 17 September 2019 editions. On April 17, 2019 edition, an article with the election ballot box design was displayed. While on the September 17 edition presents the haze disaster that struck the City of Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

    Chief Editor Deputy of KORAN SINDO who is also the advisor for the Gen Sindo Rubric, Hanna F Fauzie, was grateful that the rubric of the young people she manages are back at their best performance. "This is the umpteenth time we have IYRA gold, hopefully in the future we can keep up and continuously improve," he said.

    She added, KORAN SINDO has around 200 members of Gen SINDO since the rubric created several years ago.

    In another part, Minister of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform Tjahjo Kumolo who attended one of the series of HPN events said that the media and the government are two parties who always complement each other.

    He acknowledged the role of the press was quite important even though times had changed. He compared the media in New Order (Orba) era with the Reformation era, where there are quality improvement and easing in media developing.

    "It was so difficult to build a media, but now in an era of increasingly qualified democracy, making a media is easy. Therefore, the quality of the media must continue to improve as well," he explained. (Yanto Kusdiantono / Puguh Hariyanto).


    Source : www.sindonews.com