• iNews TV and MNC Trijaya Won Kompetisi Media Piala Presiden Award

    10 Oct 2019, 22:57 WIB
    • iNews TV and Radio MNC Trijaya won Piala President Kompetisi Nasional Media 2019

    JAKARTA – iNews TV and Radio MNC Trijaya won Presidential Cup Media National Competition 2019 “Cepat Majulah Bangsaku” for each TV and Radio category.

    MNC News Director, Ray Wijaya said this presidential trophy event is good to encourage journalists to create the best works.

    “This is a good program. It means that journalistic work must be rated like this. Journalistic work is valued in the right ways,” he told Okezone at the Sultan Hotel, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (10/10/2019).

    According to Ray, a standard of MNC group is not just a champion, but it should be a role model for other journalists; therefore, he asked all reporters who are under the auspices of the MNC Group to always have to give the best works and based on journalistic rules.

    “In my opinion, a group as big as an MNC is worthy of being a champion; we must think of how always to produce the best works, not just for competitions. We produced the best works every day because we have to become role models,” he stressed.

    Ray hopes, an event like this is held every year and participated by as many journalists. This is considered to improve journalists’ works.

    “More participants are encouraging journalists to improve their work. And the goal is not the prize but to motivate and stimulate other journalists to be better and prioritize journalistic principles,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Producer of iNews Biro Kupang, Fabianus Benge won third place for the Piala Presiden Kompetisi Nasional Media 2019 “Cepat Majulah Bangsaku” TV category, presenting his work titled “Konara, Desa Penyangga Pariwisata Kelimutu”.

    In his work, Fabianus said that the tourism potential in Flores must be considered, with the work successfully gaining government attention. On the one hand, Fabianus feels proud, with his work can contribute to the potential of tourism in Flores. On the other hand, he also hopes that similar events will be held regularly.

    "I, myself, so proud to be the third winner, because it means there's someone appreciates my work. In the future, the kind of this event must routinely carry out to hone journalist skills,” Fabianus explained.

    For information, the winners of Piala Presiden on Radio category are:

    1. “Ketika Presiden Menyentuh Wilayah Perbatasan Merauke” – Papua New Guinea (RRI production)
    2. “Memilenialkan Museum” – (MNC Trijaya Jakarta production)
    3. “Aribaya, Potret Damai Beda Agama” – (Produksi RRI)


    Source : www.okezone.com