• Global Mediacom Won the Best of the Best Top 50 Companies from Forbes Indonesia

    30 Oct 2019, 22:09 WIB
    • PT Global Mediacom Tbk (MNC Media) won the Best of the Best 50 Companies award in Indonesia from Forbes Indonesia

    JAKARTA - PT Global Mediacom Tbk (MNC Media) won the best of the best top 50 listing companies from Forbes Indonesia. The award ceremony was attended by Director of PT Global Mediacom Tbk, Christophorus Taufik Siswandi.

    Christophorus said that this award was invaluable for the company. Because this award has meaning that the company's performance for a year is recognized as one of the best.

    “More than that, we claimed that this achievement or appreciation as performance that is continuously growing and consistently carried out by Global Mediacom and MNC Group. I also knew that MNC Tbk has also been got this achievement several times too,” she said at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Pacific Place, Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/30/2019).

    Christophorus continued, “actually, this award was not the first for the company”. According to him, the company has also been awarded several times from Majalah Forbes.

    “For sure, thanks to Forbes Indonesia and the committee that placed Global Mediacom as one of nominations. Actually this is not the first time, a few years ago we also received an award from Forbes Indonesia, and of course we appreciate it very much,” he said.

    In the future, Christophorus hoped his office would continue to improve the company's performance. One of them is focused on the development of digital technology. Moreover, almost all of these industries have begun to lead to digital nowadays.

    In addition, the media industry is also in an upward trend every year. One that has been done by the company is by releasing several digital applications, such as RCTI+ app and MNC Now which is released to entertains millennials who want to enjoy MNC Media shows.

    “If we remember what Chairman’s vision about keep maintenance media as an existing industry, we can transform the conventional into digital. Nowadays, there are a lot of applications transformed to digital.

    Meanwhile, Roger Finnie as Managing Director of Forbes Indonesia said, the companies included in the list were those who passed the stringent selection process of Forbes Indonesia to show their famous overall performance within a few years. Some companies are ranked based on composite scores using several metrics.

    “Including the average return on equity for three years, three-year sales growth, and three-year profit growth,” he said.

    According to Roger, the Indonesian economy has proven to be able to absorb internal and global challenges with very extraordinary. It shows how vibrant and resilient local businesses are today. This also signifies the strength of consumer confidence as well.

    As he said, many businesses in Indonesia face an uncertain period due to the anticipation of the presidential election in 2019. With the new cabinet appointed, his party expects new policies and synergies from the government that can support business and develop a digital ecosystem.

    “This is done to defend against the global economic obstacles this year and in the future years,” he said.


    Source : www.inews.id