• Kiko Animation Shows at the Bekraf Animation Conference 2019 Event

    14 Sept 2019, 13:15 WIB

    JAKARTA – This year, the Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf) is holding Bekraf Animation Conference (BEACON). This event was held as the government's commitment to supporting the development of the animation subsector in Indonesia.

    “The animation subsector is an important part of the creative economy, but in reality, there are still some obstacles that make it difficult for this sub-sector to develop, including government regulations and policies that still not fully support the development of national animation and the lack of national television support for displaying animation works of the nation's children,” said Head of the Bekraf, Triawan Munaf when opening the BEACON event at the Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Park, on Saturday (09/14/2019).

    Triawan added, in addition to these two factors, there were several other factors that often encountered by the animation subsector, namely, difficulty in accessing capital, not yet available in collaboration means and interaction between national animation stakeholders. And also a lack of animation creation and publication events, especially for animation works of the nation's children.

    To minimize various factors that could hinder the development of the animation subsector, every year, Bekraf organizes BEACON, which is an arena for the animation ecosystem to build a business network between individuals, animation production houses with television, agencies and investors both from local and overseas.

    This event is packaged attractively by presenting various kinds of activities, such as panel discussions, master classes, exhibitions, and movie screenings.

    This year is the third year of BEACON event; previously in 2017, BEACON was held in Bandung and was attended by 900 participants. In 2018, BEACON was held in two cities, Jakarta and Surabaya.

    BEACON Jakarta, which was held for two days, was able to attract 1,500 people to attend as participants, and BEACON Surabaya was attended by 500 participants. It is predicted that BEACON will be held again in Jakarta this year to attract more participants to attend and participate.

    This year, BEACON has the theme of intellectual property management related to the animation subsector. BEACON presented speakers who fit the theme. One of them at the Animation Project session presented speakers Sei Young Cheong or Andy, Chief Creative Production Officer of MNC Animation.

    “In addition to presenting Mr. Andy as a speaker on the theme of Animation Project, MNC Animation also filled the BEACON booth for one full day. The booth was intended to share knowledge about MNC Animation's IPs, as well as being a marketing tool for MNC Animation programs such as studio visits, events, and social media activities. Not only that, we are also collaborating with MNC Games to maximize the distribution of information about games that are being run and games that will be released soon. We hope that with BEACON, Indonesian animation like KIKO always gets appreciation in the form of support from the people,” Suhendra Wijaya said, Head of Marketing and Communication MNC Animation.

    MNC Animation was founded in Jakarta on May 22, 2011. MNC Animation is a subsidiary of MNC Group, which focuses on developing IP (Intellectual Property) into animation production and related IP businesses.


    Source : www.okezone.com