• MNC Peduli and RS Assyifa Held Free Cataract Surgeries for Underprivilige Residents in Sukabumi

    13 Nov 2019, 17:53 WIB

    SUKABUMI - MNC Peduli through Yayasan Jalinan Kasih and Assyifa Hospital (Assyifa Islamic Hospital) held a free cataract surgery for underprivileged residents in Sukabumi, West Java, as a form of caring for people. This is the second annual agenda of the institution.

    The surgery participants did not only come from Sukabumi, but also from surrounding cities and districts such as Majalengka, Cianjur, Bandung.

    During this implementation, there are 63 prospective cataracts and pterygium patients, and the surgeries will be carried out by a team of doctors from Assyifa Islamic Hospital Sukabumi. The surgeries will be done in stages with a target of 100 patients by September 2020.

    Director of Assyifa Islamic Hospital, dr. Heri Heriyanto, MM hopes that the cooperation between Assyifa Islamic Hospital and MNC Peduli would be improved in the future.

    “Considering the activities so far, it has been very enthusiastic from the people by seeing the number of participants which keep increasing,” said Heri.

    Daman, one of the cataract patients, is happy with the free health services provided by MNC Peduli and Assyifa Islamic Hospital. “I'm just a laborer, so I'm very happy for this kind of help.” He said.

    Aside from Sukabumi, similar activities also have been carried out in Lampung, Gombong, Semarang, and several areas in East Java. In the future, free cataract surgeries for underprivileged people will also be conducted in Halilulik, Belu Regency, and Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT).

    “Social service activities like this are not only done here, in various cities or provinces in Indonesia, we were in Jawa Tengah yesterday. In the future, we will go to East Java; there are people who will be waiting in NTT, and if we go back to Sumatra, we have also done it. So maybe in the future, we will continue to do this as a routine activity for MNC Peduli,” said Syafril Nasution, Head of MNC Peduli.

    Syafril hopes that this kind of activity can continue and be beneficial for the people, especially for people who really need it.

    Until October 2019, the number of recipients of health assistance from MNC Peduli through Yayasan Jalinan Kasih was around 700,000 patients.

    In the health sector, MNC Peduli also carries out activities such as blood donations, health seminars, and health aids.

    In addition, MNC Peduli also carries out other activities that provide benefits to the people both directly and indirectly, such as planting tree seedlings, repairing and building houses, providing fishing boats for tsunami victims, building MCK, bridges, and other social programs.

    For people who want to participate in other health social activities through MNC Peduli, you can transfer a donation to bank accounts under the name of Yayasan Jalinan Kasih through MNC BANK 100-01-00000-9851-5, MANDIRI 103-00099-0000-8, BRI 0206-01-005001-30-8, BCA 681-5088-119. 

    For those who want to apply for treatment assistance can contact the telephone number: 021-3909-103 or open the Fanpage on Facebook “Yayasan Jalinan Kasih”.


    Source: www.okezone.com