• MNC Peduli with POC-PDUI Held Free Treatment and Shares Tree Seeds in Tasikmalaya

    23 Oct 2019, 19:00 WIB

    TASIKMALAYA - MNC Peduli through RCTI held free treatment and provided tree seeds and fish eggs in Kampung Naga, Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya District, West Java. The event was held as an MNC Group's 30th Anniversary.

    In this event, MNC Peduli cooperates with Komunitas POC Indonesia and Persatuan Dokter Umum Indonesia (PDUI). Free treatment is targeting 500 residents of Kampung Naga and surrounding areas. While the tree seeds and fish eggs were distributed in total 5,000 and also followed by other communities.

    Kampung Naga is a traditional community that still maintains its customs until now. The uniqueness of the village invited admiration and attracted the attention of the public, both at domestic and overseas, for tourism.

    However, the various uniqueness and strengths of Kampung Naga do not mean they have no problems. Its location far enough from the health center makes them still less affordable by local health workers.

    “That’s why MNC Peduli through RCTI in MNC Group's 30th-anniversary event, held free treatment for 500 residents of Kampung Naga and surrounding areas,” said Head Integrated Corporate Secretary of MNC Media, Tony Andrianto, on Wednesday (10/23/2019).

    He explained, MNC Peduli through RCTI was not the first time working with PDUI nor POC Indonesia. Because they both have a goal to help people who need help, especially for people who have difficulty getting access to the hospital.

    “In the future, this cooperation can continue, so that more people will receive assistance and welfare will improve,” said Tony Andrianto.

    While the Head of POC Indonesia, Azwi Bagindo said, besides providing 5,000 plant seeds for free, MNC Peduli’ social service activities also continued with free treatment to 400 residents of Kampung Naga and surrounding areas. They are generally classified as still living traditionally, and maintain their customs.

    “Not only for adults, but the free treatments are also done for children and toddlers, who live in Kampung Naga, Tasikmalaya Regency,” Azwi said.

    The location of Kampung Naga, which is surrounded by hills and valleys, is a challenge for paramedics who are members of the PDUI to get to the location. But all that paid off with enthusiasm of residents of Kampung Naga and surrounding areas who came to the location.

    Banten PDUI adviser, Arius Karman, said that his party had instructed 15 personnel in free medical treatment to Kampung Naga and surrounding areas. They consist of 8 (eight) doctors, 2 (two) nurses, 3 (three) pharmacy officers, and 2 (two) midwives.

    “Hopefully, our team from PP PDUI could help residents who have difficulty achieving access to treatment (or hospital), as well as gain additional knowledge about health,” he said.

    As is known, the people of Kampung Naga until now have survived without electricity. For daily lighting, people use oil lamps and firewood for cooking. Another uniqueness of Kampung Naga, the shape of the house is made from local materials.

    The layout of the house is neatly arranged with the same design facing west or east. In addition, there are 103 permanent houses consisting of 100 houses, while 3 (three) others are granaries, pendopo, and mosque.


    Source : www.inews.id