• The 30th Anniversary, MNC Peduli Conducted Reforestation in Ciliwung Riverbank

    14 Nov 2019, 18:43 WIB

    JAKARTA - In the framework of the 30th Anniversary of MNC Group, while welcoming the month of planting trees Indonesia in this November, MNC Care carries out a tree-planting movement along the Ciliwung riverbank in Kampung Sawah, Jalan Arus, Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. This time, reforestation on the banks was also carried out with the Komunitas Masyarakat Peduli Ciliwung (MAT PECI).

    “So this is in the framework of the 30th Anniversary of MNC Group, we distributed 2,225 tree seedlings to people, especially in the villages around the Ciliwung river to be planted,” said Head of MNC Peduli, Jessica Tanoesoedibjo at the location, Thursday (11/14/2019).

    According to her, give tree seedlings as part of the MNC Peduli campaign to increase awareness of reforestation in Jakarta and surrounding areas. In addition to distributing tree seedlings, MNC Peduli also spreads fish seeds in the Ciliwung river to improve the quality of the Ciliwung river ecosystem.

    She also said MNC Peduli distributed stationery to the children who lived in Kampung Sawah village. The reason is that MNC Peduli always wanted to contribute to building a society from various segments. 

    “At the same time, this activity has a purpose of making more absorption and reducing capital pollution better. Hopefully, it could give benefit to the people, and we can continue to work together and to preserve the environment, especially in the Ciliwung river,” she said.

    The tree-planting movement has also been carried out previously at the MNC Fest event by distributing 8,000 tree seedlings to the fun walk participants on November 3, 2019. MNC Peduli is also committed to continuously increasing public awareness of the importance of reforestation and improving the quality of the environmental ecosystem, especially Jakarta.

    In this activity, children in the villages around the Ciliwung river were involved in order to raise awareness for the environment and were always active in preserving nature from an early age. MNC Peduli also always supports the activities of the Sekolah Alam program that utilizes used goods and garbage into handicraft products.

    “So, reducing pollution in Jakarta and preserving the environment is not only the task of individuals or the government, but it is also our duty,” Jessica added.

    Meanwhile, Head of Masyarakat Peduli Ciliwung (MAT PECI), Usman Firdaus, thanked and appreciated for the MNC Peduli activities that have been concerned about environmental preservation. This collaboration between MNC Peduli and MAT PECI has been done for the umpteenth time.

    “We have been working with MNC Peduli for two years. Today we are going back together to care for Ciliwung as a routine. Previously, activities such as cleaning up the environment and planting trees have been carried out, but that was in Zone 3, now in Zone 1,” she explained.

    He revealed that the collaboration was expected to inspire other people in the region in preserving and caring for the environment. The reason is that MAT PECI also has river communities in a number of other areas, not only in Jakarta.

    One of the people in Kampung Sawah, Roif Saih, hoped that MNC Peduli could continue to collaborate with the people in Ciliwung in preserving the environment. People also committed to caring for tree seedlings given to communities around Ciliwung.

    “We hope the Ciliwung river would continue to be sustainable with these trees (from MNC Peduli), and hopefully, all of these trees could give benefit for the people," she said.


    Source : www.sindonews.com