• To Fulfill the Blood Availability in PMI Jakarta, MNC Peduli Held a Blood Donation

    15 Jan 2020, 16:19 WIB

    JAKARTA – MNC Group, through MNC Peduli, held a blood donation event titled “MNC Love Donation Let’s Share the Love with Your Blood” today at Tower III, MNC Studios, Kebon Jeruk, in West Jakarta. This event is a form of caring from MNC to fulfill the blood availability for everyone who needs it.

    The blood donor is actually a routine event held by MNC Peduli. It is usually held at iNews Tower Kebon Sirih and MNC Studio Kebon Jeruk. This time, MNC Peduli collaborated with Palang Merah Indonesia DKI Jakarta in achieving 250 blood bags which were coming from MNC Studio employees. Those blood bags will be distributed to every hospital in Jakarta.

    “Each blood bag will be distributed to every hospital in Jakarta. The blood donors should be minimum 17 years old, sleep minimum 5 hours per day, in a good condition, and not in day prescription, and the hemoglobin (HB) should be 12,5-17,0,” said dr. Eli Setiawati from PMI DKI Jakarta, on January 15, 2020 in MNC Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta.

    She also said this blood donation event would be meaningful and helpful for PMI DKI Jakarta in fulfilling the blood stocks in Jakarta, knowing that PMI was running out of blood since the Year End holiday.


    Eli added, although the enthusiasms of MNC Peduli employees were great, not everyone could be a donor. They should meet all the requirements. “Because everyone who is not suitable — the HB, blood thickness, and blood tension—will be prevented to be a donor,” said dr. Eli.

    According to CFO Star Media Nusantara, Rudy Hidayat, who also participate in the event, said that this event—held by MNC Group—was really good. It could make the donors both healthier and blessed since they could feel the joy of sharing.

    “Donating your blood is not only helpful for those who need it, but the donors will also become healthier,” said Rudy.

    He also said that MNC Peduli should make another good event about the kindness of blood donation in seminar or other educational events. Therefore, people would be more aware and interested to participate as a donor.


    Source : iNews.id