• MNC Peduli Helped Earthquake Victims in Bogor & Sukabumi

    27 Mar 2020, 13:51 WIB

    BOGOR - Sukabumi was again hit by an M 5.2 earthquake on March 10, 2020. The earthquake caused damage to hundreds of houses in two districts, namely Sukabumi and Bogor.

    As a form of concern, MNC Peduli distributed aid to residents of Cisalada village, Pamijahan, Bogor, who are still living in evacuation tents because their houses are not inadequate to be occupied.

    "As we know yesterday on March 10, there was an earthquake of M 5.2 in Sukabumi, Bogor, and its surroundings which caused many residents to lose their homes, so MNC Peduli distributed aid to Cisalada in Bogor in the form of some staples such as rice, noodles instant, blankets, and others," said MNC Peduli Chairwoman, Jessica Tanoesoedibjo, Friday (3/27/2020).

    Jessica added, MNC Peduli hoped that this assistance can ease the burden they are facing.

    "The hope is of course that this assistance can ease their burden and so that they can live their lives as they used to be," said Jessica.

    Meanwhile, the Head of the Cisalada Village Kampung Budaya, Aja claimed to be very grateful for the assistance from MNC Peduli for 72 families in the region who lost their homes after the Sukabumi earthquake.

    "If initially, the residents complained it might be in the camps. Now that they want to go home, but their only house has ruined," said Aja.

    Source : Okezone