• MNC Peduli Provided Aid Packages for Flood Victims in Cipinang and Bekasi Timur

    09 Jan 2020, 15:35 WIB

    JAKARTA – MNC Peduli with Lotte Mart Indonesia continues to distribute aid packages to flood victims in Jabodetabek. After Pengadegan, South Jakarta and Rawa Buaya, West Jakarta, aid packages was given to residents of Cipinang Melayu, East Jakarta and Bekasi Timur, Bekasi.

    Head of CSR MNC Peduli, Tengku Havid said that the process of delivering aid packages at these two locations was different from before. This time, MNC handed over directly to residents who had returned to their home. They previously lived in a refuge post.

    “We are trying to ease the burden on the community. So we immediately try to distribute it to the community,” said Havid in Kampung Makassar, Cipinang Melayu, East Jakarta, Monday (1/6/2020).

    He said that this aid packages was not only food, but also supporting tools to clean the house. It is hoped that will be exactly what is needed.

    Marketing Director of PT Lotte Mart Indonesia, Evi Lionawan said that Lotte Mart had prepared 1,900 packages for flood victims in the Cipinang Melayu region.

    Similar aid packages were also given to victims of the flood disaster in the area of ​​Perum Irrigation, Bekasi Timur. At this location, Lotte Mart and MNC Peduli delivered 200 aid packages.

    “Hopefully this kind of help can ease their burden. We as business actors happen to have a business area, in Bekasi. Hopefully we can relieve our surrounding residents (businesses),” Evi said.

    These are following aid packages that were provided by Lotte Mart-MNC Peduli:

    Aid packages in Cipinang:

    Diapers: 37 pack

    Floor Cleaner: 20 boxes

    Cleaning Equipment: 148 pcs

    Mineral water: 60 boxes

    Instant Noodles: 40 boxes

    Biscuits: 20 boxes

    Milk: 10 boxes

    Doormats: 30 boxes

    Aid Packages in Bekasi Timur:

    Blanket: 10 pcs

    Floor Cleaner: 16 boxes

    Cleaning Equipment: 108 pcs

    Mineral water: 50 boxes

    Instant Noodles: 50 boxes

    Biscuits: 20 boxes

    Milk: 30 boxes

    Doormats: 10 pcs


    Source : www.inews.id