• MNC Peduli Helped Flood Victims in Sukajaya Bogor

    09 Jan 2020, 19:22 WIB

    BOGOR - Heavy rains in early 2020 caused floods and landslides at many areas in Bogor Regency, West Java. There was 10 villages in Sukajaya Subdistrict isolated from the disaster. Seven people died and approximately 4,000 people were displaced. Tens of thousands of houses in the sub-district are estimated to be damaged.

    To help alleviate the burden on the victims, MNC Peduli together with Lotte Mart went directly to provide aids in Sukajaya District. The aid is in the form of diapers, blankets, mineral water, instant noodles, biscuits and others.

    “Hopefully the aids that distributed today can be useful and at least can help refugees who have not been able to return to their homes,” said Head of CSR MNC Group Tengku Havid Ridwansyah, on Thursday (01/09/2020).

    While the Marketing Director of PT. Lotte Mart Indonesia, Evi Lionawan said that the distribution of aids with MNC Peduli is one form of caring for others in need.

    “This is our obligation as businessmen, to help disaster victims as a form of our concern from the results of our efforts,” said Evi.

    At the location, Evi saw the condition of the refugees affected by the disaster who were in dire need of food and daily supplies. She also hopes that this condition will soon recover so that the victims can arrange their life again.

    “There is a lack of sleeping pad because the post is at school, and even less daily needs. This is a bigger challenge than the flood yesterday. At this location the response is longer because there must be infrastructure improvements and hopefully the people are steadfasted to face this disaster,” she concluded.

    Previously, MNC Peduli and Lotte Mart also distributed aids to victims affected by floods and landslides in the JABODETABEK area.


    Source : www.okezone.com